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  • What are the distinguished features of locksmith services for car lock out?

    Car Lock out servicesWorking as an active response team in the city of San Mateo, our automotive locksmiths resolve an average of 85 complaints on a daily basis. The most frequent type of problem that necessitates our services is that of car lock out. In such a situation, the client cannot do much about the lock and requires an immediate assistance. Our extensive clientele that we have earned with years of hard work in the field, trust us to be their savior in the horrible lockouts. For this reason, we have to be on our toes throughout the day. At the same time locksmith services for car lock out should be able to handle any type of car locking mechanism. The trouble ranges to be anything from lost keys to the jammed locks. As the professionals in the field, we have to fight it off right there and right then.


    The sophisticated advancements in the car locking mechanism asks for the expert advice. Thus, people are hesitant in handing over their pricey belonging to any inexperienced person. They are always looking for the best and the most reliable choice. Locksmith of America has always provided the best quality services to its clients without the limitation of time. Here are the few reasons that impart our automotive locksmith in San Mateo services  a cutting edge over the others.



    We are the local locksmith in the area and are well aware of every street and road. Therefore, the help reaches to the client’s destination in as little as 15 minutes. Our teams are on the standby and are dispatched to the destination without wasting a single minute. This efficiency is commended by our regular as well as emergency clients and the problem can be taken over in less time.



    From the customer care staffs to the on-site workers, every member of our team is trained to demonstrate the professional behavior. As the aces of their field, they know the ruling principles of the trade. A client gets the essence of professionalism as soon as our agent responds to the calls and inquiries.



    Everything has a price, in fact the quality things are much more expensive. But, we believe in rendering quality in the as low cost as possible. Affordability is the outstanding part of our emergency automotive service. Whether you call us for roadside assistance or want our services on your doorstep, we will employ the most cost effective techniques. The reasonable service charges are also against the norms of the market.


    A large inventory

    Working with the help of the most technologically advanced tools, our aim is to achieve quality in every task. The tools play a major role in the modern trends and we completely understand their value. Some of the automobile services like the transponder key replacements and spare keys are not possible without the appropriate equipment.


    Damage free service

    Our focus is to ensure the damage free Locked keys in car locksmith services. Jiggling the lock or manhandling the mechanism will ruin the performance of the lock. It will be completely compromised and will be a threat to the security. So, our idea of reliable service is the one that assures you 100% satisfactory results.

    As a symbol of quality, we strive to maintain the highest standards and the client gets the direct benefit from it.

  • Saying Goodbye to the Christmas and Welcoming the Easter

    locksmith of americaSo, the Christmas hype is over and even the charm of New Year is fading away. Just like every year, we maintained our tradition of keeping our doors open for the clients in the holidays. Overall statistics gathered from all of the locksmith networks determine that our 24/7 emergency locksmith registered more than 200 complaints in the holiday week, the 68 of which were made on the Christmas evening alone. The most frequent calls were made for the car lockout situations. The numbers of cases that have been resolved by our Emergency unlock Locksmith Service lies somewhere around 182. Our team of mobile locksmith served the people on their location.  Picking up the locks, we also cut out the keys to the vehicles and doors.


    This kept us busy throughout the Christmas and the major celebrations were made, while on the go. Nevertheless the positive feedback from the clients made our day and boosted our morale. The locksmith of America acknowledges the efforts of the mobile locksmith and also thanks its customers for their continued support. Anticipating the large call volumes, 24/7 emergency locksmith started preparations right from the start of December. As the major suppliers and dealers are closed in the holiday season, it was important to check the inventory and to stock it up. The tools and kits were also purchased quite ahead of time to ensure the surplus. Being the professional locksmith services provider, we consider it as our responsibility to take a systematic approach. This organized behavior helps us throughout the holiday season.


    We take it as an opportunity to thank our customers who sent us the valuable Christmas gifts and cards. It tells us that we have made a large circle of friends rather than making clients over the years. We look forward to your loyalty in the future as well.


    Now, it is the Easter season. So, how would you like to color your Easter eggs this time? As an early assurance, we are announcing to provide the locksmith services for car lock out and any other house lock out throughout the holidays. There is no need to worry about the locks and keys. Start preparing for the fun filled times and let us take care of security in the holidays. If you want to spend the holiday out of town, give us a chance to evaluate your security arrangements first.

  • The different types of services that are offered by Locksmith in San Francisco.

    Locksmith of America is the top rated locksmith network in the country with its branches spread across the continents. Our aim is to progressively establish our self as the largest group in the locksmith industry and to cover every area of office, commercial and residential security. At the same time, we have emphasized to gain the local awareness to deliver the solutions that are able to perform well in the local environment. To render this pledge, our locksmith services in San Francisco have performed very well and have gained maximum popularity in minimum time. The multitude of services that are offered by our local locksmith in San Francisco are,

    1. Residential Services: For all of the homes, apartments, bungalows and condos in the area, our locksmiths are ready to deliver the tailor made security solutions exactly according to the needs of the customers. We take pride in our domestic services that are based on life security, physical security and peace of mind for the users. In addition to this, we consider the user friendly equipment as an essential aspect of our services. The residents of San Francisco do not have to worry about the crime rates when they have taken benefit of our up to date security arrangements.


    1. Commercial Services: As we all know that the San Francisco is a major financial district of New York and a hub of commercial activity, there is a need for commercial locksmith services. Our locksmiths have a know how of the different aspects of office security. They understand what is at stake and how it must be secured. The details are very important in the office security and this is where our professional locksmith services stand out from others. We employ the detailed plans for the security and are capable to exercise them in true spirit.


    1. Automotive Services: The cars need as much security as your office or your home does. So, the locksmith in San Francisco is serving the people with the latest and modern car solution. We have trained our best men to fight off the car problems and they are so skilled to undertake all technical issues like transponder key replacements, ignition switch repair or the lockout problems.


      Emergency Services: Apart from these services offered at regular hours, we identify the need for our assistance in the off business hours too. So, we have started the 24/7 emergency locksmith. The motto of this service is that we will reach to you wherever you are and whenever you need us. We will present and carry out the services on the spot and will not leave the site until you have become completely satisfied.

    We request all of the residents to give us an opportunity to serve you. Our promise is that you will never be disappointed.